What is This Shit?

I’m not entirely sure what this is yet. Maybe I’ll clarify at a later date, but for now it’s a place where I’m going to dump my thoughts… my feelings… my pet peeves… the occasional lists I make up for no reason. This will be a project to get me back into the swing of writing on a semi-daily basis. Perhaps I’ll get my skill level in writing back to where it ought to be. I’ve been slacking for too long. So enjoy, I suppose. Ask questions if you’d like. Tell me I suck. Or just crawl back to youtube and watch the vloggers because it takes 3 minutes of video time versus 10 minutes to read a post. Just the same, waste your life as slow or as fast as you like. Don’t let me tell you what to waste it on…

Goal #1 of this Blog: Learn not to ramble.


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