Last night I was (as I am often) in a chat room on I spend a lot of my time there, sadly, but it’s something to amuse me when there’s not a lot else happening. I frequent a chat room there that’s meant for debate topics and discussion.

But last night, a girl came into the room who’s come in a few times, bragging about how the government hands her $1300 a week? I believe? $1300 a week because she has 2 kids, is 22, and unemployed with a mental disorder of some sort. I pushed her a little more to tell me what mental disorders she was diagnosed with. She replied with “PTSD and bipolar.” I asked “What, may I ask, gave you PTSD?” She said “Oh, well I’ve been raped THREE times and some of my friends died.” I blinked.

One of the first things I’d ever learned about the extremely touchy topic of rape, is that victims of rape? Don’t tend to want to talk about it. Ever. They want to pretend it never happened. I’ve never heard a person just out with it so simply. So blandly, like it wasn’t a big deal. Which of course leads me to believe that it’s hardly something that gave her PTSD if she’s so easily able to discuss it.

Now, for me the issue is not this chick was lying to people on the internet. Because, let’s be honest, I may not know for absolute sure that it’s a lie? But if you know anything about people at all? It’s not too difficult to see the lies. I repeated back to the girl what she said… to show her how ridiculous it sounded. “Wait, so… you had a kid at 15. After that you were raped 3 times by various people. You then had another kid right after that all happened. And then you were diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar. And you leech off of the government and our tax dollars now… because you are incapable of having a job to support your two children… because of your mental issues. Right?” And she laughed throughout the entire monologue. As if she was so happy to have pulled our attention to her. I hate to feed this sort of behaviour, but nothing makes me angrier than this sort of person.

Now, I’m not fond of liars, but it’s a bit more forgivable than what this girl’s doing.

Whatever the true story may be, this girl IS on welfare with two kids. She then bragged that she was going to the movies that night to see “the Avengers” and then tomorrow she’s going with her friends to see “Men in Black III.” Cool. Our tax money is paying for some lazy mother of two to see movies she won’t be bringing her children to. So her parents can take care of them, since she won’t be home.

I feel this fuming anger I cannot control every time I think about it.

The girl may have some mental issues, alright, but I doubt it’s PTSD or bipolar that she has. Maybe a bout of stupidity or something similar.

I hate the type of person that doesn’t appreciate what they have.

I hate her in the way I hate the rich kids that take mommy and daddy’s money, go to the most expensive party school they can think of, and then party it away and never attend a class and flunk out. But big deal? “Money ain’t no thang.” Bullshit.

I hate those with scholarships that do the same thing.

Taking someone else’s dime and wasting it on shitty decisions. I love parties. I love socializing. I’ve learned to do what I can to keep my social life alive while maintaining a decent GPA (4.0 until a recent semester dropped me to 3.7). It’s not so difficult to do.

Why are people like this girl allowed children? I don’t want the freedom I have taken away… but at the same time, I REALLY hate that idiots like her are procreating. They sit around all day and fuck around online, and while I’m guilty of doing the same? I don’t make excuses for my mistakes, I don’t take advantage of anyone, and I certainly don’t have children I should be taking care of instead. I’ve forced myself through a job I hate so that I could visit a country on the other side of the planet TWICE. I’m going BACK to school. I’ve done a lot and made myself a stronger person.

This is why I hate it. I’m a deserving enough person, that I should be able to get scholarships… I want the education. And I hate seeing kids go to school and waste that money that would be better used for MY education since I’ll actually appreciate it.

I hate when people leech. Welfare is not so you can do whatever you want and be lazy and take care of kids you didn’t mean to have. Welfare is a stepping stone when you’re trying as hard as you can, and it’s just not enough. Welfare is something you lean on for the shortest amount of time possible while you work your ass off, trying to get a job that’ll support you enough that you don’t need to be ON welfare anymore.

If you’re using a mental disorder you don’t even really seem to have to get money from the government so you can fuck around? I’m pretty much convinced you’re a drain on society and should be punished. Your kids should be given to parents that want to adopt. Your welfare should be put to an end. And you should be dropped in a jail cell to rot for some sort of fraud.

Maybe I’m harsh.

Fuck that, I don’t care if I’m harsh. They are the worst kind of human being. And that these people are allowed to just run around bragging about their $1300 check every week, when I worked my ass off for 2 weeks to MAYBE get a measly $400? $500 if I was incredibly lucky? It burns me so badly I could scream.

Appreciate what you have, or give it to someone who fucking wants it/deserves it more than you do.


  1. It is very frustruating. I have noticed that some people are raised to try and work the system. That is their way of living. I feel as though being a parent is a privilege, not a right.

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